BMP Medical launches a “cloud-based” training for all employees. 

BMP Medical is proud to launch a “cloud-based” training for employees throughout the entire company. Depending on the employee’s role, the cloud-based training ranges from fundamentals of injection molding to more advanced technology involved within the injection molding industry.  These are interactive courses that will not only enhance the experience and knowledge level of all employees, but also provide positive productivity results.

At BMP Medical, we recognize that cloud-based training provides employees with the accessibility and flexibility to access training material anytime, anywhere. We recognize that all our employees have obligations outside of the workplace and adopting cloud-based training allows employees the ability to complete training modules at their own pace wherever they may be located.

We also recognized the many key benefits to cloud-based training as opposed to more traditional on-premises training methods, such as:

• Cost-Effectiveness
• Scalability & Ease of Deployment
• Centralized Consistent Content Management
• Accessibility and Flexibility
• Improved Engagement and Retention
• Analytics and Tracking
• Integration with Other Systems
• Enhanced Fostering Collaboration Environment

This is a cost-effective platform that reduces upfront costs for equipment, servers, and requires less facility space in the long run. It also allows BMP Medical the ability to expand training programs more effectively and efficiently. Cloud-based training will also allow BMP Medical the ability to align training programs with the company’s organizational growth — so whether they have a handful of employees or company-wide training initiatives, they can easily handle whatever training demand required.

“As BMP Medical continues to grow, this cloud-based training program allows us the ability to prepare by offering a multitude of training programs quickly, effectively, and efficiently. We offer programs on new software, manufacturing automation, LEAN manufacturing principles, IQMS, shadowing programs, and employee safety, to name just a few,” said Rawleen White, General Manager of BMP Medical.

“Overall, cloud-based employee onboarding and training platforms will offer BMP Medical with greater flexibility, cost savings, scalability, collaboration, and advanced tracking capabilities, resulting in more efficient and effective training processes. We offer training programs to all our employees. It is a serious commitment for the employees and for us, but the rewards are tremendous. It is very gratifying to continuously watch our employees move up through the organizational structure, achieve higher salaries, and gain an expanded knowledge set,” said Michael Faulkner, Chief Executive Officer & President of BMP Medical.

In addition, management can monitor progress, training effectiveness and perform detailed reports and adjust accordingly to improve its effectiveness all while allowing it to integrate into other HR and LMS systems. Statistically shown, cloud-based training platforms improve engagement, increase retention, improves employee performance and in the end, benefits customers.

About BMP Medical:
BMP Medical provides plastic contract manufacturing services to leading medical device and diagnostic customers in need of injection molding and injection blow molding. BMP Medical’s 80,000 sq. ft. facility is headquartered in Sterling, Massachusetts. BMP Medical is a global contract manufacturer servicing the Medical Device and Medical Diagnostic markets in all areas, including, but not limited to, IVD, IV access, sample-preparation devices, and lateral-flow technologies. BMP Medical can service our partner requirements on a worldwide basis. Certifications: ISO13485:2016; FDA registration #1220502; ISO Class 8 injection molding; ISO Class 8 assembly & packaging; 21 CFR 820 Quality System Regulation; and FDA registered. Services Offered: Class 7 Assembly, Clean Room Manufacturing (Class 8), Clean Room Packaging and Assembly (Class 8), Custom Assembly & Packaging, Custom Injection Blow Molding (IBM), Custom Injection Molding, DNase- and RNase-free manufacturing, FDA Registered Facility, Product design & development services, R&D tooling, and Sterilization services. Learn more about BMP Medical!