Innovative Solutions for the

Medical Industry

BMP Medical is a global contract manufacturer servicing the medical device and medical diagnostic markets in all areas, including, but not limited to, IVD, IV access, sample- preparation devices, and lateral flow technologies.

Our plastic manufacturing and finishing capabilities enable us to manufacture the newest medical devices and components for you. With every manufacturing run we ensure the highest quality for your finished medical products.



BMP Medical serves the medical field in both laboratory consumables and medical devices. As an OEM medical device supplier, we provide components that range from IV set components to rapid point-of-care testing.

BMP Medical
BMP Medical


Clinical diagnostic components have been a major staple for BMP Medical over the 40 year history of the company. These components are used in both sample preparation and rapid detection for viruses and bacteria.


BMP Medical has its own line of laboratory disposables. We provide both sterile and non-sterile product using a variety of different base materials to provide the end user with ready to use disposable laboratory supplies.

BMP Medical
BMP Medical


BMP Medical manufactures research tools for both academic and corporate laboratory applications.


BMP Medical has been serving the clinical laboratory space for many years. We provide our own branded line of products as well as private label branded product to our customers. We touch all areas of the laboratory from hematology to microbiology.

BMP Medical
BMP Medical


Pathology laboratories require many different containers for specimen transports and storage. BMP Medical supplies high quality, chemical resistant containers to the end-user in several sizes and configurations.