Plastic injection molding for medical devices

Plastic injection molding capabilities for medical devices

BMP Medical is your one-stop for custom plastic injection
and injection blow molding for medical devices.

For more than 40 years, we have partnered with leading medical device OEMs to create custom plastic injection molding solutions in both finished medical devices and components. During our discovery process, we review and discuss certain criteria that will lead to the success of your finished injection molded part or packaged finished medical device.

Our BMP team and OEMs collaborate to develop a mutual understanding of several factors that drive the material selection and the actual injection molding process for each manufactured medical device and/or component.

Some of those factors:

  • Environment
  • Chemical compatibility
  • The complexity of finished part or device
  • Mechanical function
  • Physical load
  • Sterilization
  • Thermal conditions

BMP works with you closely, from prototypes through full-scale production. Working with an experienced full-time injection molding manufacturing partner will give you greater control over the design, from manufacturing through process development. You can also count on high-quality parts for finished medical devices for optimal performance—and you benefit from a lower total manufacturing cost. Getting BMP involved in the development cycle early is crucial in establishing the needed design requirements to help reduce lead time and overall costs.

Our BMP plastic injection molding capabilities include injection molding, injection blow, 2-shot (two-shot molding), and insert molding (overmolding).

  • Injection molding
    Injection molding can be the ideal option for highly engineered, small precision parts that are large-volume and require multicavity options. Several key factors discussed in the discovery process will help to determine if injection molding is the method of choice for your project.
  • Blow molding
    Blow molding can be used to create numerous types of stand-alone hollow parts. A single-constructed hollow piece with shapes can be created uniformly and economically. The overall wall thickness variation is often a critical and deciding factor in using this process or not.
  • 2-shot molding (two-shot molding)
    2-shot molding is a designated process that allows the medical device or component to be molded and overmolded, all within a single cycle. In the first step, the initial shape is molded, and then the remaining open space is injected to provide a different texture and/or color. With higher-volume programs, this process can offer some cost savings.
  • Insert molding (overmolding)
    Insert molding is a great molding option: it can eliminate the need for assembly in some cases, allows for areas of color contrast within the given medical device and or component, and can provide greater design aesthetic to the finished medical device or component.

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