Developing Research and Medical Diagnostic Products

Medical DiagnosticsThe demand for research and medical diagnostic products grows annually. Because medical diagnostic devices are used in the testing, treatment, prevention, monitoring, studying, and diagnosis of diseases and other biological human conditions, companies that develop and manufacture such diagnostic products are well positioned to serve an important and vital role in health and healthcare, the biological sciences, and all medical-related disciplines and industries. Combined with the ever-expanding field of material sciences in plastics, along with technological innovation and advancement moving ahead at a rapid pace, engineers and device manufacturers are making great strides in the development of diagnostic products.

Innovation in Medical Diagnostic Device Development

Nevertheless, great care must be made when a diagnostic device is brought to market. It is an end result of a lengthy, multi-step process that includes material, time and financial investment—not only in research and development, design, and manufacturing, but the entire process of verification and validation, regulatory approval, and market placement that comprises each stage of the product life-cycle. From conception to finished commercial product, medical devices requires innovative engineers and product designers, experienced project managers, quality control experts, and substantial regulatory expertise to make that transition a successful one.

A successful and quite common practice for companies, inventors and entrepreneurs to bring their device to market is through contracting Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of medical devices. Contract manufacturing of medical devices is the system by which a manufacturing company makes medical devices or components of medical devices that are later sold by another company. Effective manufacturing systems can also offer areas of expertise in engineering, design, molding, assembly, and R&D, and range in capabilities from prototype to long production runs.

Particularly with the medical device market, OEMs must provide specialized facilities for manufacturing such products, and have on-site medical labs for all stages of production, from concept to design to manufacturing. Labs give engineers the opportunity to validate and verify new products, plus allow for modification or change in design as needed.

How Can an OEM Contract Manufacturer Benefit Your Company?

As an OEM contract manufacturer, Biomedical Polymers, Inc., provides all such services for the medical device industry. The company stands at the forefront in meeting the demand of research and medical diagnostic products and is part of a greater medical plastic engineering community that serves the research, biomedical, and medical diagnostic laboratory markets that manufactures a variety of diagnostic products for research and medical laboratories worldwide.

BMP, not only contract manufactures private labeled products for distribution but has its own line of products, too. As an OEM of plastic consumables and plastic products for research and medical diagnostic laboratories, BMP products are produced to the highest quality standards. Our engineers offer over three decades of expertise with a focus on new trends and technologies in the field of plastic materials including polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene, and thermoplastics, or custom formulate polymers to meet specific application needs. State-of-the-art plastic injection molding capabilities provide sterile, high-quality medical devices that serve clinical laboratories and research labs. Design consultation, engineering, drawing, R&D, tooling, mold development, computer automation, and statistical process control for mid-tier products are all onsite. The BMP facility is also equipped with a Class 8 clean room for manufacturing, packaging, and assembly needs and meets all regulatory requirements for medical device engineering.

As the development of research and medical diagnostic products continues to expand worldwide, you’ll find in Biomedical Polymers a global manufacturer that specializes in the custom manufacture of both disposable and reusable small-to-medium plastic parts for research, biomedical, and medical diagnostic laboratories everywhere.