BMP Medical opens new medical device manufacturing training room

BMP Medical opens new medical device manufacturing training room

BMP Medical has opened a private in-house training room at its Sterling, Massachusetts, 80,000 sq. ft. plastic hub manufacturing facility.

BMP Medical’s in-house training room for all employees and local partners helps to build long-lasting collaborative working relationships. We recognize that training and further business growth in the manufacturing industry must shift focus to developing enhanced employee skills in the technology sector to stay ahead. Courses in highly specialized skills, such as computerized systems and/or operating automated equipment, are just a few of the many training programs BMP Medical will host.

BMP MedicalThe present marketplace has created a growing need to hold onto skilled employees, and so training all employees is essential. BMP Medical recognizes that a positive onboarding experience helps employees adapt faster, creates a safer work environment, decreases turnover, and helps to mitigate risk for many of our OEM partners. It is a win-win for employees, BMP Medical, and the many businesses for whom we manufacture medical devices and components.

“We offer training programs to all of our employees in a positive environment. It is a serious commitment for the employees and for us, but the rewards are tremendous. It is very gratifying to watch our employees move up through the organizational structure, achieve higher salaries, and gain an expanded knowledge set,” said Michael Faulkner, Chief Executive Officer & President of BMP Medical.

“I have been helping to oversee all of the employee and partner training programs throughout the organization that are set up on-site within a familiar environment. We are hosting specific training programs for new software, software updates, Six-Sigma, manufacturing automation, LEAN manufacturing principles, IQMS, Total Quality Management, onboarding, shadowing programs, and employee safety,” said Rawleen White, Office Manager/Executive Assistant of BMP Medical.

BMP MedicalMany current employees exemplify BMP Medical’s commitment to these programs. Many on our team have been with BMP Medical for more than 10 years, and several have been promoted from Inspector/Packers to Material Mixers to Shift Leads to Process Technicians to Maintenance. Many have enjoyed learning new skills that allow them to expand their future at BMP Medical. It is great to have a strong leadership team that is always looking to the future.

BMP Medical feels that our greatest asset is our people, and we want to be able to promote from within whenever possible. The company continues to exceed its growth goals and continues to reinvest in new capital equipment and employee training programs yearly.

We’re also developing strategic partnerships with local colleges that have engineering, innovative design, and development centers and that utilize plastics in the manufacturing process. These educational programs offer a wealth of knowledge on key factors in plastic manufacturing at our on-site facility that will help advance professionals and students.

About BMP Medical
BMP Medical provides plastic contract manufacturing services to leading medical device and diagnostic customers in need of injection molding and injection-blow molding. BMP Medical’s 80,000 sq. ft. facility is headquartered in Sterling, Massachusetts. BMP Medical is a global contract manufacturer servicing the Medical Device and Medical Diagnostic markets in all areas, including, but not limited to, IVD, IV access, sample-preparation devices, and lateral-flow technologies. BMP Medical can service our partner requirements on a worldwide basis. Certifications: ISO13485:2016; FDA registration #1220502; ISO Class 8 injection molding; ISO Class 8 assembly & packaging; 21 CFR 820 Quality System Regulation; FDA registered; and MedAccred certified.

Services Offered: Class 7 Assembly, Clean Room Manufacturing (Class 8), Clean Room Packaging and Assembly (Class 8), Custom Assembly & Packaging, Custom Injection Blow Molding (IBM), Custom Injection Molding, DNase- and RNase-free manufacturing, FDA Registered Facility, Product design & development services, R&D tooling, and Sterilization services.

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