Non-Sterile and Sterile Centrifuge Bottles

500 mL Capacity Centrifuge BottlesWe design and manufacture ready-to-use double-bagged 250 mL and 500 mL sterile centrifuge bottles for biopharmaceutical production. The bottles are prepared in clean room packaging, washed and steam sterilized, gamma sterilized, have a certified low particulate, and endotoxin tested so there’s no need to clean, sterilize, or autoclave. Biomedical Polymers also handles all your certifications so you can save both time and money as well as focus on the more important tasks at hand. Whether your application involves DNA isolation, protein purification, or other separation methods, our centrifuge bottles offer solutions for your application.

SKU Closure Type Material
BMP-CE-843 Seal Polycarbonate
BMP-CE-842 Seal Polypropylene
BMP-CE-841 Seal Polycarbonate
BMP-CE-840 Seal Polypropylene
BMP-CE-833 Seal Polycarbonate
BMP-CE-832 Seal Polypropylene
BMP-CE-831 Seal Polycarbonate
BMP-CE-830 Seal Polypropylene
BMP-CE-823 Seal Polycarbonate
BMP-CE-822 Seal Polypropylene
BMP-CE-821 Seal Polycarbonate
BMP-CE-820 Seal Polypropylene
BMP-CE-813 Seal Polycarbonate
BMP-CE-812 Seal Polypropylene
BMP-CE-811 Seal Polycarbonate
BMP-CE-810 Seal Polypropylene