Medical Molding…It’s all we do

At Biomedical Polymers, we put all of our focus on one thing: medical molding. Unlike other plastic injection molders, it’s not something we also do…it is all we do. We have a singular, laser-like focus on being the best medical molder in the industry.

This high level of commitment is incredibly important when handling plastic consumables for research and medical diagnostic laboratories. Due to the constant risk of contamination, there is no room in the medical molding world for unsanitary or chaotic production facilities. Plastics that contain endocrine disrupting chemicals like BPA or PBDEs must never enter a facility that works with medical polymers. Unlike some of our competitors, Biomedical Polymers’ state-of-the-art facilities are 100% dedicated to the production of medical products. Our onsite ISO Class 8 cleanroom for both manufacturing and packaging add yet another layer of security in the battle against contamination.

Everyone at Biomedical Polymers constantly strives to meet or exceed the industry’s good manufacturing practices (GMPs). As well, all of our clients, big and small, receive the same comprehensive customer service and quality assurance. We guarantee that all of our products will fully conform to your needs, expectation, and requirements. Thanks to our singular focus on medical injection blow molding it is a guarantee we feel strongly we can meet each and every day.

If you are looking for a plastic injection molder who truly understands the unique challenges of medical molding and can guarantee you the highest levels of quality and respect, we could not imagine a better place that Biomedical Polymers.