Innovation, the Future of Plastics, and BMP

medical device manufacturingInnovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower
-Steve Jobs

It does not matter what industry you are in, innovation is the only way to survive and prosper. In our world, the world of plastic products for research and medical diagnostic labs, innovation is not about replacing plastics about making plastics safer for human contact and our planet’s environment.

When it comes to people’s health, which is obviously the point of the medical and research fields, the past decade has seen a strong move away from the more trouble-filled plastics like PVC and Polystyrene (PS) to ones like HPDE and PET(E). According to all current studies, these safer plastics do not to leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancers or disrupting hormones.

These same innovative plastics also play a big role in the attempts to save our environment. We are a long way from the days when plastics were the opposite of Green. Materials like PET(E)s and polyethylene are becoming easier to recycle, and having second lives as car bumpers, toys, and fill for jackets. In addition, we are on the brink of a biodegradable plastics boom, which finds us close to mass-producing plastics that dissolve in seawater or ones made from animal byproducts.

As plastic engineering specialists, we are making every effort to stay one step ahead of these dizzying changes. We understand that the world is going to demand more, not less, plastics. The challenge becomes creating materials that retain the highly desired traits of classic plastic, but breakthrough plastic’s daunting environmental and safety limitations. If this was not enough change to deal with, BMP also recognizes that mold technology must keep pace. But, like Steve Jobs’ said, innovation is all about leading and not following. At BMP, we are up to the challenge and we plan on leading for a long time to come.