From Concept To Finished Product

Biomedical Polymers manufactures plastic consumables for research and medical diagnostic laboratories. We provide design and engineering consultation, coordinate tooling fabrication from the optimum sources and mold parts to specification on our state-of-the-art injection and injection blow molding equipment.

From flu strips to polypropylene beakers, from scoops to ultra tissue grinders, we understand what it takes to bring an idea from a concept to a finished product.

You can come to us with an idea for a project scratched out on a napkin, and our engineer and consultants can walk you through the entire process, beginning with your original plastic consumables concept and culminating with finished products in your hands. At approximately 50 employees we are large enough to fulfill your needs while remaining nimble enough to be both flexible and responsive to your particular situation.

Many of our relationships with our customers and distributors have been in place for more than 20 years. Our long-standing partnerships are based on mutual respect and our willingness to go the extra mile to accommodate our partners’ needs.

State of the Art Injection Blow Molding Services

However successful we have been, we are not content to rest on our past achievements. At Biomedical Polymers, we believe that training and education are the foundation for continuous improvement and we ensure employee awareness, understanding, and involvement through our ongoing training and education programs. These programs emphasize procedures, objectives, and quality techniques in accordance with all recognized regulatory guidelines, such as ISO 13485:2003. Through that continual training, we assure that our products are always manufactured to the highest quality standards.