BPM celebrates Manufacturing Month!

General CapabilitiesEveryone at Biomedical Polymers is excited to be a part of Manufacturing Month 2013. It all kicked off on October 4, with MFG Day . Manufacturers across the country opened their doors to their surrounding communities to celebrate the importance of American manufacturing.

It was an opportunity to give hands-on demonstrations and tours, which are aimed at showing the country what American manufacturing is and what it is not. This part of the MFG Day is especially important because it allows the manufacturing industry to show America’s younger generations that manufacturing is alive and well and also a fantastic career path. In fact, the theme of both MFG Day and Month is the importance of youth and technology in promoting the future of American manufacturing.

From our perspective, this celebration sums up a great deal, about how we at Biomedical Polymers look at manufacturing. As an injection molding manufacturers of plastic consumables for research and medical diagnostic labs, we have the privilege of working on new and unique projects almost every day. Because plastics allow so much variety of shape and form, we often create products for the same uses that look completely different. It is not rare for us to actually invent products to meet our customer’s exacting needs. This high level of flexibility makes the manufacturing process exciting, educational, and always challenging. It is certainly not the boring, rote, and unfulfilling manufacturing you see in old movies! In the end, that is the essence of both Manufacturing Day and Month, the opportunity to wipe away all the preconceived notions about manufacturing.

If you want to learn how you can participate in future Manufacturing Days and Month, please visit www.mfgday.com. To find out more about how Biomedical Polymers is celebrating, please contact us today.