BMP and Our Industries Top 3 FAQ’s

About UsFor the past three decades, BMP has stayed on top of the research and medical diagnostic plastics game because we’ve always made an extra effort to listen to our clients’ needs. ItQuality Control also helps that we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on every innovation and trend within our industry.

It is with this in mind that we thought it would be a great idea to highlight the top 3 FAQs within our unique industry.

Question 1: How do you manufacture your cleanroom molding?

A: For years, it was common practice to make the molding for cleanrooms under regular manufacturing conditions. However recently there has been a big push to create them under much more stringently controlled environments. Thanks to our new solid walled clean room with injection molding machines, that is what we do at BMP.

Question 2: How important is process monitoring?

A: The short answer? Very.

The longer answer is that we have found that many of today’s parts have extremely tight specifications, so there is a much larger need for process monitoring. State-of-the art sensors are at the heart of monitoring the molding process; they not only produce a better product but also create very low levels of rejects. BMP incorporates all the latest monitoring systems in our tool building.

Question 3: Scalability…do you have it?

A: No one plans a business to stay one size forever, so it is only natural that companies within our industry are always concerned about scalability. They might be only making a small amount of certain product now, but they want to know you have the ability to grow along with them with no downtime. BMP’s customers are covered thanks to our recently updated plant, which includes, two overhead cranes for our mold changes, and two new air-handling units that allow us better control of the overall environment.

We hope that we have shone a bright light not only on the biggest issues in our industry but on also how BMP is in a great position to turn questions into answers!